Hello. My name is Nina Lindgren and I’m a Stockholm based creative. I create everything from floating cardboard cities and farragoes of line drawn houses to user interface design for awesome video games at DICE and art direction at Limetta. I love to travel and document my experiences with camera and through drawing. I'm also passionate about playful, brutalist and quaint architecture, dreamt up worlds and everyday stories.


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Nina Lindgren

& Ekberg

"Lindgren & Ekberg is an artistic collaboration between the graphic designer Nina Lindgren and the newly graduated architect Sofia Ekberg. They work with collages to create humorous and detailed prints, patterns and compositions. In this capsule collection, the inspirations have been drawn from the flora and fauna of the jungle and from that created a fantasy world. Familiar objects have been dissected and then re-figured into unexpected, surrealistic yet heartwarming combinations."